The magical Key (100 word challenge)

Tired and exhausted,I slopped onto the freezing,frozen grass like a  turtle sinking into the deserts sand.As I slopped onto the leafy ground I hit  a solid object.After that I was left puzzled.What an earth was this object?Suddenly,out of know where,came somebody wearing a  pair of pants and a vest,he was sprinting out of the tall school .It was SO funny!As he ran out ,I heard him muttering “Where’s  my key?That’s when I thought”I’ll be kind and lend him the key.He was really pleased when I gave him the key”

6 thoughts on “The magical Key (100 word challenge)

  1. great sandy well done some good punctuation and adjectives miss burns would be pleased thums up 🙂

  2. This is a great story! Well done for using lots of descriptive words and making the story very exciting. Take care of your spelling and maybe you can give your character a name.

  3. this is great sandy
    brilliant puncuation for exmple : ? . CL

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