the mysterious glimmer

Excitedly, I looked out the window to see if there is white, soft snow towering over the grass. There was but on one part a key was on the snow glimmering like a diamond! I tried to pick it up but I couldn’t I told my mum somehow she picked it up she said it was my grandads I didn’t believe it my grandad died years ago so what is his key doing in our garden is he a spirit if he is why does he want us to have the key? Is the key really haunted, do you know?

One thought on “the mysterious glimmer

  1. wow wow wow I can not wait to hear what is going to happen next. Great use of suspense I love the way you think it is haunted key if you were this girl would you think it was haunted? Would you go and find the truth?(just giving you a idea for your next one.)

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