The Mysterious Key

Proudly, I walked through the cold icy field on my own with no one to play with, SUDDENLY I see a silver glimmer in the white grass, what is it I think to myself? What could it be? Instantly I freeze could it be a key? What does it open? A box? A door? I don’t know. As I wonder about this mysterious key a man runs past me like a shooting star he grabbed the mysterious silver key oh no! I run I sprint I can’t get it back but then the figure drops the key…

One thought on “The Mysterious Key

  1. Hi Abbie. I love your piece of writing. You start off by using adverbs to start your sentences which is great and then you ask lots of questions to get your reader really empathising with you and wondering about the key too. As for that man. Quick! Go and get the key before he realises!

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