The Mysterious Key

It was there in front of me a large old looking key just lay on the grass. I had no idea who it belonged to, where is came from or what lock it opened.

Whilst staring at the key I imagined what type of lock it fitted. Was it a castle, or a treasure chest, that was full of gold? Could a queen or princess have owned and used the key and where could I find the answers to my questions?

I ran home with the key fixed in my hand to ask my parents to take me to the museum.

7 thoughts on “The Mysterious Key

  1. Well done Emily that was a really good piece of writing great use of puntuation I really enjoyed reading it. Hope to read more of your work

  2. This is very good, your questions helped to move your writing along and the description meant I could really imagine what was happening. I’d love to know what the key was for and whether an answer was found in the museum! Thanks for sharing Emily.

  3. i love all the description
    you used lots of questions it made me feel included-well done,brilliant 🙂

    • love your writing well done some good punctuation in there like comas and question marks also amazing good work.

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