Year 4 design and animate their own Angry Birds level

What an exciting afternoon!

Class 4B today had to design and animate their own level for the game Angry Birds.

We started by planning and sketching some ideas after playing some examples.



Then in groups of 3/4 I gave time for groups to share ideas and designs and come to a whole group decision. Once they had done this I handed out sheets with all the different objects and characters you would find from the game. These were all downloaded from The Angry Birds Wiki site.

The children then spent time cutting out and arranging their levels. I was astonished at how focused and driven they were and how well they collaborated to get the task done.

Once the levels had been set up it was then time to animate the level – to do this we used the app I Can Animate app. This is a great child friendly stop start animation app. I had explained the process of stop start animations, showed examples and emphasised the importance of tiny movements but plenty of pictures. The children reveled in their animations and it really brought out their creative side. Without iPad stands it was always going to be difficult for the children to keep the iPad completely still however the faint picture of the previous photo within the app helped the children match it up to the best of their ability. I was astounded at the fact all groups got at least one example filmed by the end of the day! I was really expecting for it to be an activity that would roll over to another day but NO! After showing the children their finished efforts the sense of achievement was overwhelming! They also realised the intricate and time consuming process of stop start animation, I am sure they will now look on some of their favourite programmes such as Wallace and Gromit in a completely new light.

Here are their animations:

Class 4B design and animate their own Angry Birds Level from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.


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  1. I think that that is amazing because it shows that kids can use their imagination.

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