100 word challenge

Out of the blue Wizard Wargle appeared. WHOOSH! “Now to fulfil my prophecy.” He explained. But Grangalf was waiting! “Think you can defeat me?” he inquired. They got in a BIG fight. Grangalf threw a lightning bolt and Wargle shook the ground. Then…oh no it’s Zrio-ta! The duke of magic saw them,he lifted his staff poised to strike…Suddenly AARRGH it was king of the wizards,Mr Fullimajig!! ” You lot are going down!”he screamed.Bash!Crump!!Zonk!!! Fire was all over the place. “Grrr get off me.”shouted Wargle  as Grangalf landed on him.So when wizards fight… Run!  run!

8 thoughts on “100 word challenge

  1. That was a bit exciting. I was almost out of breath after I’d read it! Well done for taking part in the 100 Word Challenge.

  2. now that was EPIC!!!!!! I loved it when you said RUN! RUN! I could not stop laughing this is the best i have ever read i am realy pleased with you well done if you was their i would give you a pat on the back my self.

  3. I think your story is very good, there are lots of great words to

  4. I really liked the use of interesting vocabulary Nathan, it brings your story to life. We are encouraging our children to use the synonym tool in Microsoft Word to make their writing more interesting.

  5. I think your story is epic!!!!! I loved the phrase, fire was everywhere. You should never stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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