100 word challenge

my mum flipped the pancake but… It went on the roof and stuck onto the roof oops a daisy commented the mum I will phone the fire bargrade so they tried but failed they brought a tiny man to get it down he stretched as far as he could but fell of the ladder so dad walked through the cracked door and shouted what’s going on in here I’m having a nap outside so mum said ” we are trying to get the pancake down don’t you storm in here like that so dad smacked the roof and the pancake came down and mum put some chocolate sauce on the pancake and dad flipped the pancake up and caught it in his mouth.

5 thoughts on “100 word challenge

  1. Apart from punctuation checks this was a good story- well done!

  2. Jake I really enjoyed your story, following the adventure of the pancake on the roof! You used some good adjectives, and adding some punctuation here and there will make it even better. Keep up the good work writing on the 100WC.

  3. A good 100word challenge Jake but next time try to put a bit more punctuation in but overall it is very good keep up the good work

    From Jabin

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