100 word challenge

I knew that it was coming soon. It was getting late, I had to tell someone that it was going to happen! It was 12:58 pm, which was actually two minutes early, I was absolutely terrified. It was 12:00 and in the sky there was a full pale moon hanging in the black sky, yet nothing happened! Suddenly the pain in my arm started, my glistening teeth grew large, my tanned legs and arm turned hairy, and my bitten nails turned long… I was turning into a WEREWOLF!!! Who should I have told? Who would have believed me? As quick as lightening I ran searching for help…

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge

  1. WOW!!!!!! This is amazing!! I am speechless…
    There is nothing I can say apart from keep up the excellent work! I’m shocked at how good this is!!!!!

    Harriet M

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