100 Word Challenge

Lily Alone is what she is. Stuck in her own world, but nobody can see it. Her mum has deserted her with her brother and sisters who are only young and very incapable. Lily hated her mum for leaving her with them. She hated Gordon, her mums boyfriend that she hadn’t met. The day they set off for the park followed in a very disastrous weekend. Bliss doesn’t know what she is in for. And things could only get worse from there. Follow the story of Lily Green, a young 11 year old, and a nanny to her dishonest, heartbroken family.

One thought on “100 Word Challenge

  1. Caitlin,

    What happens next? Your review has ended on a cliff hanger! – That’s great because it makes me want to read the book so I can just find out what has happened.

    I wonder why she hated Gordon even though she had not met him? What happened on the disastrous weekend.

    A great review – keep on reading and keep on blogging,

    Graeme Team100WC

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