100 word challenge.

What on earth was that ! The box glinted menacingly in the  moonlight. I bit  my lip and just stared at it. My brother looked at me and laughed , he reached down and touched it then fell to the floor I gasped and stepped back. I knelt down to see if he was ok and gasped wierd blue lights danced over and making even wierder symbols over his body I tried to brush them away but my hand just went through them I hesitated then stood up, then it happend someone lifted the lid of the box and climbed out…I screamed.

One thought on “100 word challenge.

  1. What a great opening sentance, with the use of an exclaimation mark. Menacingly is a super adverb, and I really admired your expression ‘bit my lip’ to show feelings and suspense in an interesting manner. Remember to check spellings of weird and weirder, and think about using some commas or full stops to split up that sentance, it seems a bit too long without any punctuation.
    I really liked the suspenseful ending…with the use of an ellipsis!

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