100 word challenge by aliyah

It was a normal Pancake Tuesday. then, I didn’t know where it went. It flew up and never came back down. There it was the pancake was stuck to the ceiling talking to me loudly saying he didn’t want to be eaten alive! He wanted to live until he was at least 30. No this couldn’t be happening to me! Pancakes can’t talk they never have and they never will. I just stood there in  shock for at least about 20 minutes. So did my mum I didn’t understand. My mum flipped the pancake and it never came back down.


3 thoughts on “100 word challenge by aliyah

  1. I really like the story I thought it was really funny how you said the pancake wanted to stay alive . If you would like to come on my 100wc just click on this year5.hearthergarthblog.net

  2. A talking pancake who wanted to live to be at least thirty. This made me laugh a lot. Well written and enjoyable. I hope to read more of your writing soon.

  3. Great pancake story, you now have a talking pancake on your ceiling XD keep up the good work for the 100 WC

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