100 word challenge by Hannah

I woke up on sunday morning to see that there’s a box at the end of my bed. I thought should I open it or should I leave it. I couldn’t resist. I opened it, it was a bell. i was confusted. Why do I need a bell, but then I realised it was a magic bell. It was like no other. there was a note I read it. It said make some wishes that you need. Don’t use it to much or it will become dangerous. I made one wish. My wish is for everyone to be really happy.

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge by Hannah

  1. aww that such a nice wish 🙂 well done on the story. keep up the good work for the 100 WC

  2. What a lovely thing to wish for. If everyone was happy, you might not need to ever make another wish again. I wonder who might have left it there? Well done for taking part this week.

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