100 Word Challenge~ Caitlin5B

I had lost it. The key to my everything, the world itself. The key meant everything to me and I had lost it. Why? Because I was being idiotic. I walked through the meadow trying to find the golden, magical key that had lead me through my hard, drastic life. I had tried for my whole life to saviour this key: I could only use it once. The day he had gave it to me had been the most exciting day of my life, but it could only happen once. The pressure-giving effort of my life had gone to waste.

5 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge~ Caitlin5B

  1. Well done – excellent use of your imagination.

    Your 100 word story engaged me and was interesting to read. Brilliant use of punctuation.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Excellent use of your imagination to write these 100 words Caitlin! Your 100 words really engaged my interest. Keep up the good work 🙂 Next time have a look over your tense when writing & you will continue to get better and better!

  3. Hi
    my two stars and a wish are:
    *good thinking what the key could be
    *it paints a picture in my mind
    WISH:try to use some more descriptive words

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