100 word

meanwhile… what was I doing, I was standing in a theme park all alone. It had been two  years since the theme park had closed and yet I was really here. i chill went down my spine. Then I saw something. It had been scrawled into the sawdust with something blotchy and red.It looked upside down . I  went closer to look at it , then I saw it poking from the canvas a news paper article ! I picked it up fearfully , then I heard it , the crunch of gravel behind me .Oh no!

One thought on “100 word

  1. Wow Nina,
    What a scary and tense piece of writing. You set the scene perfectly – I had a vivid picture in my head of the empty, windswept, bleak theme park, just like in the movies. As for what had been scrawled into the sawdust, something red and blotchy – I was ready for a real fright. Well done.

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