I was in corner cottage on strawberry road . It was pancake day! Me and my little brother were sat in the kitten. “Hurry up I am starving !” Screamed Adam . “Mum can I flip a pancake please ?” ” ok”  on the count of three I flipped it and  caught it . ” Adam do you want a go?” I asked ” Nooooooooo I want to eat it. ”  he moaned . “In 5 mins ok,” sided mum . ” Your turn mum .” I said . Mum flipped the pancake , but  it did not come back !!! ” Mum it is stuck to the roof!!!” I moaned. “Get the ladder now.” By the time  we got it down it was covered in dirt .

2 thoughts on “100wc

  1. Your Mum must have been very good at flipping the pancake if it stuck to the roof. I hope you all had some clean pancakes to eat in the end.

  2. Hi Mia,

    what a fantastic story. I hope this doesn’t happen to you on Shrove Tuesday. Try to use less exclamation marks next time. That way, they have far more impact when you do use them. Well done on a brilliant 100WC though. 🙂

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