Today, the day I had to go .I had to go camping in a FOREST! A boy who was riding a bike which was speed pushed me over and rode across my arm near my elbow.however, my mum came and took me to the hospital she looked as if something bad happened. Suddenly, the pain in my arm was red, spotty and horrendous.it was as red as blood. I was on my way to the forest. The tent was already there.it was the first night. Around my tent was shadows like there was something there. I was terrified of all this nonsense that was happening to me.

One thought on “100wc

  1. Hi,
    A lot happens in your story. Camping and forests, hospitals and something in the shadows.
    I really like the way you describe the arm when it is painful – you use three different adjectives which makes it really interesting for me to read and I can create a clear picture in my head.
    Keep writing!
    Rachel Wills (Team 100WC)

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