100wc strange things

Suddenly the pain in my arm exploded.The pain the agony!My arm,which had jush been dislocated,had got no life.How had this all started and when it will finish.Confued, worried,tired I remembered back.

It was a chilly night as cold as the poles.New York was not like this but it was.Now a bit more about me! My name is Laura smith Ann Jones I am a explorer. I was in New York in a dark deep cave.Who ever went in never came out….            ….so I went in.There were bones everywhere. All of a sudden I saw fire coming out of a hole.who?what? I though the cave were empty?

One thought on “100wc strange things

  1. Hello, what a frightening piece of writing! The use of italics and the descriptive first section is good and makes me want to know what happens. Then you have cleverly jumped back in time to tell the story up to this point, this really attracted my interest…and I would LOVE to read more!

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