Alaca Zam

Once upon a time there was a geni called Alaca and his last name was Zam. He lived in a book  with his pet blobbeanster , hoping that one day the book would be open and he would be free!! How had he been trapped in this book you may wonder? Well , it’s because of blobbeanster’s mum , blobester  ,  long ago she had put a spell on them both that trapped them inside. It wasn’t a popular book aswell and nobody ever opened it so Alaca was stuck in it forever. Alaca had given up hope that anybody would open the book and let him free , till one summers moring it all changed !

One thought on “Alaca Zam

  1. This is a lovely piece of work Lauren. I love how you have used a story opener and have tried to use varied punctuation. Remember, you dont need a space between the end of words and the punctuation. I’m excited to hear what happened that summer morning!

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