Alien Pancake

Mum flipped the pancake but when it went up it didn’t come dow.Itjust stayed up there hovering.Then it turned silver and a dome came on top of it.The bottom opened and a alien came out.Mum fled,I stayed.I wanted to see who it was.”Greetings!”it said to me.”who are you?” I asked it.”I am Gloof from the 37th galaxy!”it said.”Wow I said”want a pancake?”.”sure”replied Gloof.Gloof and I had great afternoon eating pancakes.But Gloof also had to leave.”goodbye Gloof I whimpered.”goodbye”replied Gloof.”Goodbye!”

6 thoughts on “Alien Pancake

  1. Well done maisie!

    star: I loved it when you said mum fled instead of went.
    star: I could tell you have really used your imagination
    wish : after you have finshed just remember to check over you work for incorrect spellings and punctuation.

    Keep up the great blogging Maisie! 😉

  2. Fantastic work Maisie, I love your adjectives and the bits about space and Aliens,
    Remember to check your punctuation and spelling!:)

  3. That w. as very Ryan interest ting keep up the good work

  4. Great Maisie keep up the good work check your spellings and punctuation!!!

  5. Well done Maisie I hope it doesn’t happen on pancake day!

  6. Great Maisie i like the part with the hovering pancake check your spellings and punctuation keep up the good work!!!

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