all I could see was two red eyes part 2

As I stared into the creatures red eyes, I found myself shaking with fear, I was in an attic all alone. As my eyes travelled up and down the creatures’ body, I noticed two, dog like fangs as sharp as razors, in addition I saw claws as pointy as needles, sticking out of its scaly feet. I glanced at the door. Quick as a whip the monsters green tail, slammed it shut as if to say, ‘Don’t even think about it!’ so I looked the other way. How was I going to escape? My head snapped back to look at the monster, its mouth was on fire! I panicked but then I realised it wasn’t on fire it was breathing it! it was a dragon! Suddenly I heard the front door open…it was Mum! She shouted up to me,” I’m home” I panicked again. ‘My mum is down stairs and I am NEVER going to get out of here’ I thought miserably. But then I had an idea! I could trick the dragon!

2 thoughts on “all I could see was two red eyes part 2

  1. i like all the description
    and puncation for example: … CL . ! , ” ” ? ‘
    well done,brilliant rachel 🙂

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