An Adventure

Out of the blue I gazed in wonder  knowing when I would return! Worried, terrified, concerned, I was stuck on the bewildered Island.The next day I built a raft but then I saw a pair of illuminious eyes blazing in the warm, toasty sun.

It was a courageoes animal with razer sharp teeth, claws as long as fingers and a tail as soft as velvet. It was a tiger I gave him some fresh food from the tall trees above when it was sundown we went me and him to a world named Atlantis!!! When we got there I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!!






4 thoughts on “An Adventure

  1. Ionie, your writing is very atmospheric, with all of the description to draw in your reader. You have hooked me and I really want to know what would happen next. Keep up the great writing!

  2. great staory it was veary descriptive,it would cool to find out what happend next.
    why don’t you visit 5t’s blog!

  3. well done ionie I loved the 3ed sentence really described it all to us and you started in the middle of the story I loved it you must tell us what happens next!!!!!

  4. Cool story, very descriptive. I would love to find out what happens next.

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