Davyhulme vs Abbotsford vs Woodhouse by Joe

Davyhulme v Abortsford

Abbortsford broke quick with a tackle and a run from Josh and soon davyhulme get there first goal.Not long after that davyhulme get another.
2-0,George for abortsford goes for a run then passes to taptelion he shoots but it just goes wide. Nathan for davyhulme gets the ball of Joseph shoots and scores! Davyhulme are on the run shoots and goes in the bottom corner. Quick run again for davyhulme shoots and scores. And there is the finale whistle.

Davyhulme v woodhouse

Itstarted hard, hard shots hard tackles. And nowone could get past the defence
After about 2-3 minutes into the second half Joseph for davyhulme comes on. Joseph passes it over the top to Nathan  brings it down shoots and scores. Its a quick start for Woodhouse when Luke has 2 shots one after the other Dominic throws it out and there is the full time whistle.1-0!