Day in hostipal

I was walking on the road BANG! I woke up in hospital suddenly the pain in my arm! Where was I? I felt strange. I think I’m in hospital but it didn’t seems like it. The place was all gloomy the people looked sad it was freezing to it was terrible. I was really bored.

I wanted to go home. The room was like a gloomy mansion I said to my self I think I got hit by a car. A strange woman came in the door she looked familiar she asked me a few questions and I answered them then I glared at her at once.

One thought on “Day in hostipal

  1. What a frightening experience. You described your fear and confusion very well. You need to add some full stops because when your sentences run into one another it makes them difficult to read. Also you need to add another word or two to the prompt – suddenly the pain in your arm what?

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