Diary of a wimpy kid the third wheel

It all started one day Greg needed a date to the prom. He needed a miracle to happen. No one would go with him. One afternoon they found a girl but she went with Rowley and Greg. The night of the prom Greg found something on Rowley’s face. The chickenpox had been going around the school what will happen at prom? What happens to Greg? What will happen to Abigail? Will the night be a night to remember or a disater? Come and see. Buy and enjoy with Jeff Kinney. Why not enjoy other books from Jeff Kinney?

One thought on “Diary of a wimpy kid the third wheel

  1. Ellen,
    I really like your use of questions at the end (are these rhetorical ones?) this makes this feel like an advert for the book. Great idea. I like how you mentioned the Author’s name at the end too, really useful.

    Team 100wc

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