Diary of a wimpy kid:Dog days by Jeff Kinney

I’m writing a book review about dog days one of the diary of a wimpy kid books. Now i’ll tell you a bit about it, it is a fiction book by Jeff Kinney. Why I read it? I read it because I like reading diarys that have a personal life about them (and see what their life is about .) It’s got humour,excitement,drama and sometimes got a happy ending! You can also learn from it. It has always got pictures (illustration) in it.It is one of the best seller,books ever. I would always recomend this book.

2 thoughts on “Diary of a wimpy kid:Dog days by Jeff Kinney

  1. This book is really funny and interesting. This book is truly amazing. Do you enjoy the endings of these books?

  2. Hi Ionie

    Thank you for your review. We use the Accelerated Reader programme at our school so every student from year 7 to 11 and every member of staff reads for 20 minutes each day. The ‘Wimpy Kid’ books seem really popular so I think I am going to try them out when I have finished my current book.
    Thank you for sharing.

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