The plane landed safely In Spain.The temperature 30c!! The hotel,were were staying has a huge pool.we had a BBQ at a fair so I went on all the rides.                     Scared,worried,terrified, the rola costa started.suddenly the pain in my arm shot me like a bullet I could not move.the ride stopped slowly… I was rushed into hospital .i had broke my arm .i had to have a cast.i chose the couler red after a couple off weeks I could take it of.i got loads of get well soon cards.soon my  arm had no pain I was all better so I could go home.

2 thoughts on “Disaster

  1. Bella –

    I liked the way you took some time at the beginning to set the scene: it can make the rest of the story more easy to get into and become interested in. Describing the pain as shooting through your arm like a bullet was a very good piece of description.

    Well done: keep writing!


  2. That was a really good piece of writing

    Make sure you check your capital letters

    But apart from that – WOW!!!

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