dont go to sleep chapter 2

it was a giant spider i couldn’t believe my eyes i tried to scream but somehow I couldn’t it felt like i was being strangled i tried to run but i was to scared i pinched myself ouch it hurt it was real . imagine a place where flowers always grow where everything is normal where you come home from school to your parents . This wasn’t that place . This place was where spiders can talk and they tell you to get out of your own house .I finally started to run  i opened the door and slammed it shut i knocked on Danny’s house hes my best friend but a giant fly answered the door i ran again to where school usually is but school wasn’t there it was just a waste land so i just ran and ran till i came to my den and guess what ?? It was there so i went in it was the same i snuggled up with my blanket that i always keep with me . but when i woke up everything was different.