dork diaries by shaiza

A girl named nikki maxwell has an enemy called mackenzie hollister. nikki has a little siter breanna. nikki thinks that mackenzie is spreading rumors about this trouble?it is new years eve nikki maxwell and her friends are having a sleepover.they were playing truth or dare.zoe had a perfect one for nikki.but what was it?nikki chloe and zoe have been best friends for a few months or years.Breanna her little sister loves this place which sells pizza called queasy cheesy.nikki and her friends toilet paper mackenzie’s house.but was that the dare.Read this book and you’ll rate it 5 stars.

by shaiza

One thought on “dork diaries by shaiza

  1. Hi Shaiza,

    I love the style you used for your 100 Word Challenge. You didn’t give away the plot but asked questions to get people interested and hopefully inspire them to read the book too.
    Remember to check over your writing and in particular, look out for where capital letters should go. (At the start of names and at the start of sentences).
    Keep up with your reading!
    Well done!

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