Epic Citadel Art

mzi.xgxvkslb.175x175 75 Creating an effective opening for an Epic Citadel storyYear 5 have been using the app Epic Citadel as a focus in class. This afternoon Class 5A used the iPads to try and draw some of fantastic scenery from the app.

This fantastic app allows you to roam a fantasy setting from the video game Infinity Blade. What is great about this app is that there are no characters, challenges or distractions. It is purely just a world to be discovered. The potential this leaves is massive, as the children have to use their imaginations to create the plot and characters.

mzm.rkwljyry.175x175 75 Angry Birds art on the iPadThis afternoon the children attempted some artwork using the iPads. After exploring the world of Epic Citadel, we focused on some of the scenery to recreate using the app Brushes.

This app is fantastic for creating pictures on the iPad and is very straightforward for the children to use.

They all really had a good go at creating a scene from the app and the children really enjoyed using the iPad to create their picture. Here are some of the pictures the children had to re-create:

Here is an example of Louis drawing:

Brushes Epic Citadel.wmv from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.

Here are all the efforts: