Go to Grasmere?

Are you fed up of work , work work?Are you fed up of the same old learning?Do you need a brake?Imagine a place were there’s breathtaking views , were the food is so scrumptious , were the water is as clear as a diamond: this is GRASMERE!!

This incredible place is probably the best place I’ve ever stayed in.With its astonishing views . You climb up an impressive mountain were. You study some of the crystal clear rivers.You stay up late at the hair-rising park .You have a variety of choices from football from rounders to just relaxing.The scrumptious , delishos food is so lovely , devouring it is what you will do (it is delicious.)

grasmere is so fun you will love it.You’ll absently love the village study we’re you go to see William Wordsworths grave.And taste the most delicious ginger bread in the world .Also you go on a river study , you go to three different rivers and see there depth , width , angle and how fast the river flows .You will love staying with your friends in a cabin, if your a boy , you stay in the Anex ,but if your a girl you stay in the main house.

On your way home you stop at the amazing Brockhole playground .There is lots of things to play there like the swings and the ultimate.this slide is massive .You have the best time when your playing tig with your best friends.

So is grasmere the place for you it Is for me.