Are you board of the same old lessons? Well not any more because you have a chance to go to Grasmere. You will never want to leave. Grasmere+you=fun ! You get to climb up a mountain with your friends. Then if you wear your wellies you get to walk through a stream and get very wet. When you come to the travel loge you have a delicious tea.

your rooms are fairly big and you have bunk beds you share them with your friends. One room has four bunk beds so eight people sleep in there. There is also a room with three bunk beds so six people sleep in there. All the rest are four people sleeping in their rooms.

so after tea you go to a local park. You can choose to play on the play aerial, the foot ball pitch or a rounders game. One afternoon you have ribs or macaroni cheese and for desert chocolate cake or fruit salad. The other afternoon you have a jacket potato and bolonase for desert you have a selection of ice cream or sticky toffee pudding. They have great meals!

here is a person who liked Grasmere “I loved it so lovely so countryside like” when you go into the town you do some studying on it. You go to a lovely ginger bread shop. You also go to a gift shop. Then in the afternoon you riparian stream study.