Are you bored in your classroom ? Do you want to do something different? Then you should go to grasmere ! Grasmere is the most enjoyable place in England .

When you get there you go to your  rooms which , has an nice comfy Bed , . You climb up a ginormous mountain and see the pictueresct view . When you get back to the hostal there is  scrumptious dinner to eat.  There is  also a park that you can play  on all night but before you play You have to do 10 laps . The more laps you do , the more determined you get.

In the village  there is a gingerbread shop that smells of lovely gingerbread  . You can Buy gingerbread  for just £ 2.95 !!!  You go To  there  famous poets grave William Wordsworth . At river study you see crystal clear rivers flowing down the mountains

There is the most brilliant adventure playground in the world. It has got slides and climbing  frames ( that are tricky to climb up ) you will  really enjoy grasmere …