Grasmere is the Trip for You!

Are you bored? Fed up? tired of the same old things? Well this is the place  that will really make u smile …..GRASMERE !!! It’s jam-packed with fun activities. Imagin staying up late ,being with all your Friends, having lots of fun well this is the place for you

I can assure you’ll have a great time at  Grasmere .the first day you clime a mounting.Its probably the the best trip u will ever go on.also the food  And the scenery is amazing . At witching hours you go to the park and play ather football,cricket or the playground.

The bedroom are great the teachers try and put you with you’re friends .its still fun plus u get a great night . U see a big water fall and little wounds as well

On the last day u go on a big adventure ppark this is the place fore you.

One thought on “Grasmere is the Trip for You!

  1. Well done Ella you have really persuaded people to go to grasmere , just becareful thought because you have used text talk eg: u instead of you.

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