Holiday horror

Me and my friend went on holiday. We went to Australia! Whilst we where there we went to a expedition ( a snake expedition ). I held a King cobra snake,but I was very afraid. I held it wrong – it started to bite, terrified, worried, spooked I flung it of me. The pain in my arm was as dreadful as a bullet going right through me. Just then I collapsed and hit the floor! That was the last thing I remember. ” Where am I? ” I screamed. It was pitch black. Where was I. could not be. It was impossible. It can’t be possible – or could it be possible….

5 thoughts on “Holiday horror

  1. Well done, Eleanor.

    You have some good ideas and use some adventurous language. You probably need to get into the habit of checking through with a partner to spot any little errors and to make sure you’re as clear as you can be.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi
    Well done I liked the 3ed sentence next time describe the snake.

  3. Hey el that was amazing I love your story and wow words

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