maskarade ball !!!

On thursday the 14th of February it was valentines but at the same time it was the masquerade ball. My mask was supposed to be a coloured theme but instead it ended up being multicoloured I bought the base the spray painted it silver got som material put it round the outside then added some bits and bobs.Mia Ackerley papier mashed hers because her stepmom makes tiaras she had these gorgeous gems.When we got there we literally stuffed our faces with hot dogs and sweets then this is the best part i found 30p on the foor. The mask walk was next elizerbeth won and her mask was great then we had to go home.

2 thoughts on “maskarade ball !!!

  1. I also really enjoyed the mask ball and everybodies mask looked AMAZING!!!! I wish it was longer but I can not wait till next year!!

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