With an almighty roar the Minotaur charged.I remembered what Zeus said”it will never die,vapourize his nose!”I wandered why,it sounded totally bonkers,he said that.It charged ,and suddenly the pain in my arm burst .”ARRGH!”I was running towards him,clutching the lightning bolt Zeus gave me jumping at him.Hitting his nose on the spot,as quiet as a beetle he screamed.Then I realised his smell was his only sense was his only smell and I’d just vapourized it!Awesomely awesome!I had just started celebrating(WOO!I had just killed the Minotaur WOO!”)How to get out…to be continued..

One thought on “Minotaur

  1. A very exciting piece of writing, full of action! I enjoyed your descriptions – they really add detail.
    You could try looking again at your punctuation – a couple of tweaks here and there could make the piece even better.
    Keep writing!
    Team 100WC

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