Multi Apping Road Safety Animation

This morning,  Year 5 were extremely busy creating their own stop start animations.

They first used the app “Foldify,” to create 3D characters and objects.

The children designed nets of 3D shapes which were then printed out and folded and glued to create the desired object.

The children worked in groups to design characters, cars and houses.

After discussing what we could use them for, we thought it would be a good idea to create an animation about staying safe on the road; focusing on the stop, look and listen idea.

Once we had created our 3D shapes we then used the app “I Can Animate,” app to make a short stop-start animation. This app is great for children to take still shot pictures and watch them back as an animation. The ghosting tool allows children to match the iPad up with the previous shot to help with continuity.

They quickly appreciated how little movement is needed to create a more lifelike effect. Although we were pushed for time I was impressed that most groups got a short animation completed.
Once they had finished and exported their animations they then used the app iMovie to add sound effects and titles to their work.

They added a title at the beginning, sound effects from within the app and some even recorded themselves acting as the characters. The class got a lovely experience of the whole animation process.

It is a project I would have love to explore more with and spend more time animating and extending the scenes/camera angles, however for a morning session I was really impressed with the children’s efforts and ability to get a completed animation made. Here are their efforts:

Multi Apping Road Safety Animations from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.