my 100wc ( pancake day)

It was a another typical stroved tuesday and mum was in the kitchen flipping pancakes.I walked in to collect mine when i saw mum doing the biggest flip that I had ever seen. Higher and higher it kept going up and up smashing the ceiling then crashed through the roof . Suddently it was out of sight ,the local people gathered to see if it would come back down again, but it didn’t. Where had it gone? Would it ever come back down again?  To this day , it is a mystery of what happened to the flying pankcake.

3 thoughts on “my 100wc ( pancake day)

  1. Well done on your 100WC, it was excellent. The way you have used questions at the Ned really keeps the reader engaged and wanting more. a great piece of writing.

    Mr Foster – Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

  2. Thank you Rhiannon , do you think I could have done anything to improve it?

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