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Today Year 5 had a Roman day where Romans came to visit us in school and teached us about the Roman Empire. In the morning, all of Year 5 came in dressed in our P.E kits ready for the day. But soon after Marcus (5B) got dressed up as a soldier/ emperor of Rome, as he volunteered to do as told. We had to draw 6 pieces of  equipment that were put on him. We also learned some Latin words (such as Brittania, which is Britain!) We also played a game which we had to stand in 2 lines apart from each other. Then we all got either a javelin (fake) and a shield (also fake.) The people nearest the doors at the back of the hall had the shields and the people nearest to the big clock in the hall were the javelin throwers. Of course, we all got to join in on all of the games. At the end of the morning, Sigus answered our questions, they were very good answers. We learned more in the answers too. And I think on my behalf and all my classes that we had a very good time in the morning. And in the afternoon. In the afternoon, we got taught that Romans were actually cleaner than we were. The soldier, who taught us in the afternoon, showed us that if you rubbed olive oil through your hands and then got sweaty, it would get rid of all the dirt inside our body. He also told us that they wiped their bottoms with a sponge on a stick. He also told us that the Roman bath house was the first building to be made because they needed to be clean.

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  1. wow , Catlin you have done alot of writing here! This sumerisesed our day perfectly ! I also enjoyed the Roman soldiers! 🙂

  2. you have really puncation for example : ( ) , . CL /
    also good adjectives

  3. i didnt know any of that stuff
    thanks for letting me know

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