Our trip to Grasmere

Imagine a place where there is never ending mountains, a place where the sun shines down on you, palace where there is no school: This is GRASMERE!!!!!!!!

Grasmere is a place full of energy. Plus it is really fun. I loved it. It will be the best school experience off your life. Also you will climb this gigantic mountain. As well you will go past the marvellous waterfall. Whith water falling as clear as diamonds. Beside that you get to do a river study. witch is really funny because you get soaked. Then after you do a village study. You get to visit William Wordsworth Grave. Yet you get to go to the lovely gingerbread shop and the gift shop. Grasmere,witch is prodigious,is amazing. I found Grasmere  fun,amazing,marvellous and there is know limit of fun. My friend said “it was the best time of my life.” William Wordsworth ( who was the famous poet)made the poem daffodils. Some people say it’s boaring;others say it’s amazing. The more I remember Grasmere,the more I want to go back. Grasmere also has really good vues:the crystal clear waterfalls

on the way back you stop at an awesome adventure play grounds. It’a really good. Happily me and my friends skipped towards it. On the outside it looked like I was enjoying myself on the couch  but on the inside I wanted to cry. So would you like to go Grasmere?