Pain in my arm on the trip

In may year five went to Grasmere. We had lunch when we got to Grasmere, and then after we had our lunch we climed up a huge mountain and it was a lot of work! After we climbed the mountains we went to the hostel where we were gonna stay that night. Then we had dinner we had jacket potato The food there is brilliant. The trip was amazing , calm and silent place it was beautiful I loved it. The mountains were amazing but as we were walking I felt a pain my arm I didn’t know what was causing it and why

One thought on “Pain in my arm on the trip

  1. Hi Imogen,
    What a original approach to the 100wc this week, is this a true story? It certainly is written as if it is. I like the way you have described the area as calm, I have been to Grasmere and know exactly what you mean!
    Miss T team 100wc

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