Pancake Tuesday Mia and Megan

It was Tuesday the 12th of February and pancake day was ahead of us we woke up and then mum was already infront because she already had a pancake made . Flip it mum flip it.mum flipped it but unfortunatly it stuck to the pan! Mum tried and tried but it still won’t move. Everyone had a gloomy face then when mum tried to do it the 10th and final time the pan went SPLAT! On dads face his fat rumbling cheek bones moved side to side then he thought yummy! “I’ll have the first one but but some Cyrup on it love “

2 thoughts on “Pancake Tuesday Mia and Megan

  1. I can really imagine this happening Megan and Mia – I love the picture you paint of Dad at the end!

  2. Great job!It is really funny especially the last bit!It is mint!

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