Persuasion for GRASMERE!

Are you tired of the same old learning? Are you the same being bored everyday? Well consider your problem solved! Imagine a place full of tall colossal mountains, where only the most terrific ginger bread is made, where the scenery is so delightful you wouldn’t want to blink: this could only be GRASMERE!

I strongly guarantee that it is the most beautiful place you would of ever been.  On the first day you go on a extremely long walk. It is about 3 miles. The more You walk, the more you have fun! The mountains are tall, colossal, picturesque and fascinating. Amazed, exited, wowed is the way you will be feeling.

On the second day you go to the village and see the incredible William Wordsworth grave. You also go to a brilliant ginger bread shop, it is so scrumptious your taste buds will explode.

Finally on the last day you go to a EPIC adventure play area where you see the biggest lake in England, lake Windermere! You see why they aren’t aloud to ride speedboats and normal boats can only go 5 to10 miles per hour.

Is grasmere the place you will be going next year?

One thought on “Persuasion for GRASMERE!

  1. WOW! you did a lot of writing you have defently persuaded me to go to gramere

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