Simp 100 wc

Once there was a dog it was all alone walking around, but then a dog catcher was looking for dogs. The dog catcher found Simp. The dog catcher smacked the floor he just missed Simp.Simp jumped over the net. Simp ran away quickly.Then he found himself in a circus. I think this book is very exciting. Simp is very funny even though he’s huge and disgusting. I’d rate it four stars. When he got there the clown took him inside and kept him. The show started, the crowd roared. The man was announced then he announced us oh no oh no no!

One thought on “Simp 100 wc

  1. Well done on your entry Max, I liked your description of the story and then your conclusion. I thought it was well thought out. Your ending left me wanting to know what happened so you built up the suspense as well. Next time have a read through at the end and check your punctuation and that you have left a space after full stops in particular.

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