Slow Writing By Caitlin5B

1st Sentence-Must Include Brackets

I had just moved from Ireland to Davyhulme (which is approximately 220 km away!)

2nd Sentence- Must Start With An Adverb

Slowly, my car went into the crammed ferry.

3rd Sentence-Must Include An Exclamation Mark

I couldn’t believe I was actually moving to England!

4th Sentence- Must Use Three Adjectives

Slowly, the huge, tumbling ship came to an unexpected holt.

5th Sentence- Must Use Exactly Seven Words

I couldn’t believe that it had stopped.

6th Sentence- Must Use Exactly Three Words

How could it?


One thought on “Slow Writing By Caitlin5B

  1. Thank you for sharing your amazing slow writing. I am going to show this as a great example to the year 5 children I am teaching tomorrow!

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