Spider man’s disaster!!!!

The blazing sun shone through the house I was pretending to be Spider-Man , I fell of the sofa and broke my arm ! Suddenly the pain in my arm , which was searing with pain struck me again . I was tempting to tell my mum about what had happened , but I didn’t . For a whole week I tried to keep it secret. I didn’t tell my nice , old mum that I fell of an old , ancient chair : I would sound like a complete dork ! As scared as a mouse next to a giant i told her . She wasn’t ashamed . She took me to the hospital , I got better!

One thought on “Spider man’s disaster!!!!

  1. Hi Hayden
    Great story! Just one thing it was very good and descriptive although try and work on a few spellings!! Apart from that great!!!

    Harriet M

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