Stitch head by Niamh

there is a little creature called Stitch head and lives in castle grotteskew with his master the professor.The professor made Stitch when he was a little boy and they did every thing to getter till one day when his dad said he had to take over the family bussneis  and Stitch head waited and waited for his master  come back for him . Those days turned into weeks then months then years…until one day it all changed for Stitch head … Read on to find out what happen’s . I give it 5 star

2 thoughts on “Stitch head by Niamh

  1. To Niamh

    A great review of your favourite book. It sounds sad when Stitch Head’s master left him!
    You have left your review in an intriguing way. I might need to go and read the book to find out what happens next!

    From Mrs Natusch
    Team 100WC

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