The big game!!!

I just arrived at my football match.the free blue his shiny  silver  whistle game on! The big match was at lees filed. We where playing the big bad man city They had kick of. My skillful meat Katie went in torn a tackle she won the ball . She passed to speedy fast striker Sophie had as hot…..GOAL we where I-0 up. City where heat Brocken that never let a goal in ever. I finally got the ball but suddenly the pain in my arm started throbbing like mad I had a shot I looked at the big wight net city waring blue scoared .It was 1-1!!!

One thought on “The big game!!!

  1. Mrs Halford Team 100wc
    Hello Ella, I can tell that you are a football fan! Lots of action going on in this 100wc piece. Don’t forget that reading aloud is a great way to check that it makes sense all the way through. I am guessing that you used a spell check as all the words are correctly spelled; but some are the wrong words! (blue/free/meat)
    Always double check. You have great ideas 🙂

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