The Black Hole

Life on my island can be challenging. Every morning I have an amazing adventure : exploring the jojoba jungle, the exquisite island or the vicious volcanos. Yesterday, I put my courageous-climbing gear on to climb the ‘Black Hole’. It is the most colossal volcano in Mexico. It has not erupted in 50 years. The more I walked, the more I could see the breathtakingly beautiful  island. Later, smoke appeared… I regretfully edged near to the smoke. I saw that all of the rock was cracked! Then, I skidded on one of the rocks; it knocked me, and I scraped my arm. Suddenly the pain in my arm stopped! A dream.

By Liz

One thought on “The Black Hole

  1. Hi Liz,
    Wonderful writing! Great descriptions which really brought the island to life. The ending was a bit disappointing as you hadn’t mentioned the pain in the arm before so it seemed a bit out of place.
    You have a great future as a writer and I hope to read more of your writing in the future.
    Well done!

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