The crashed car

Suddenly the pain in my arm hurt.

ahhh it really really hurts! Dad watch out where there ahhh bang! There was a massive enormous crash happen on the road with us my arm really hurts know and the car is broke because of them there going to pay for it how we suppose to get home we”ll figure out away don’t worry don’t worry so were trying to get back we need mum to help us are’nt I’m crying gold shiney I saw something courageous saw something it looks terrified very terrified I think it wants me and then ambulance going hospital


One thought on “The crashed car

  1. Ben I like how your story is written with such drama, so the reader can really sense all the pain and concern the character is feeling. There are places where it might be good to add some punctuation, but also in writing a story such as this it might be okay to run some of it together too. Keep up the good work writing on the 100WC.

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